Exchanges are particularly close to our heart – exchanges between current and former students and non-professorial academic staff members, exchanges among former students, and exchanges between academia and the world of business. This is why we offer our members such a wide range of activities. Every year, Marketing Alumni Münster organizes numerous events where members can make fresh acquaintances or meet up with people they already know.

  • The Münster Marketing Symposium

    Since 1990, Marketing Alumni Münster has organized the Münster Marketing Symposium. The conference is held once a year, focuses on a current marketing topics, and is attended by former and current students as well as staff members who wish to exchange facts and ideas about their special field of interest. Well-known academics and prominent business people discuss topical issues relating to marketing and management. Particular attention is given to new and controversial ideas which have emerged from recent research. Future developments in marketing are outlined in talks and discussions. There are ample opportunities to exchange experiences and get to know people better. The academic lectures and debates are followed by a traditional get-together which is greatly appreciated by alumni.

    Here is a list of the topics dealt with at past symposia:

    Date Topic
    17.11.2017 Manage Customer Experiences – die Marketing Agenda für 2020?
    25.11.2016 Der digitale Weg zum Kunden
    06.11.2015 Digitale Transformation als Herausforderung für die Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung
    07.11.2014 Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung: Zurück in die Zukunft
    08./09.11.2013 Wie klarkommen mit der Digitalen Revolution: Herausforderungen an die marktorientierte Unternehmensführung
    09./10.11.2012 Marketing als Wachstumsmotor – Nur in Wachstumsmärkten? 
    11./12.11.2011 Social Media - Klassisches Marketing vor dem Log-Out? 
    12./13.11.2010 Was ist Marketing wert? - Bedeutung für Unternehmen und Karriere 
    13./14.11.2009 Jubiläumssymposium "40 Jahre Marketing in Münster - 20 Jahre Marketing Alumni" - Marketing in der Krise?
    07./08.11.2008 Die Mitte lebt?! - Erfolgreiche Strategien zwischen Premium und Discount
    09./10.11.2007 Der vernetzte Kunde - Marketing im Web der Zukunft
    10./11.11.2006 Hidden Champions - Marketing im Mittelstand
    11./12.11.2005 Koordination von Marketing und Vertrieb: Ansätze und Entwicklungslinien
    12./13.11.2004 Demographischer Wandel: Steht nach der Alterspyramide auch das Marketing auf dem Kopf?
    07./08.11.2003 Perspektiven des internationalen Marketing
    15./16.11.2002 Gezielt am Ziel vorbei: Ist der Kunde noch fassbar?
    09./10.11.2001 Mehr Effizienz im Marketing
    27./28.10.2000 Wertschöpfungspartner-schaften im Marketing
    15./16.10.1999 Excellence in Marketing
    20./21.11.1998 Renaissance der Marke
    14./15.11.1997 Servicewüste Deutschland
    08./09.11.1996 Ende des Wachstums?!
    10./11.11.1995 Reengineering
    14./15.10.1994  Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung im Umbruch
    05./06.11.1993 Lean Marketing & Career Development
    06./07.11.1992 Marktorientiertes Umweltmanagement
    15./16.11.1991 Freizeitgesellschaft und Individualisierung
    09./10.11.1990 Die Rolle des Marketing in den 90er Jahren
  • Business Contacts

    Business Contacts is a career fair held at the School of Business and Economics. It is organized by Marketing Alumni Münster in co-operation with AlumniUM and the dean.

    The purpose of the career fair is to bring about a situation in which students and graduates exchange facts and ideas with business people. Budding academics can gather information about various branches and career possibilities, while business representatives can look around for motivated and well-qualified young people that they might want to hire.

    Every year the Business Contacts fair provides some fifty companies with a golden opportunity to present themselves to students and graduates who are looking for work. The exhibitors are well-known firms from all over Germany. They range from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations.

    The career fair targets students and graduates from every faculty of the University of Münster, Münster's University of Applied Sciences and other university-level institutions in this part of Germany. It would be an error to assume that Business Contacts is only for graduates. It is a company contact fair whose main purpose is to allow students of all semesters to meet company representatives face to face. The fair is complemented by an extensive framework programme and numerous services.


    The next fair will be held on 14 June 2019 (10am – 4pm)

    Event organiser:
    Target groups:

    Juridicum (Universitätsstr. 14-16, 48143 Münster)
    The School of Business and Economics in co-operation with AlumniUM and Marketing Alumni Münster
    Students of all semesters, graduates and doctoral candidates. (Admission is free for everyone.)

    Further information about registration and the programme of the event can be found here:

  • Regional Groups

    A large number of regional meetings are held at regular intervals in Münster, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich and San Francisco as well as in Eastern Westphalia, the Cologne Bonn region and the Hanover Brunswick region. Local alumni organize regional meetings on their own. Information about persons to contact and the dates of upcoming events can be obtained directly from the office.

    The 2013 Regional Group Meeting in Hamburg

    The 2012 Regional Group Meeting in Hamburg

    The 2010 Regional Group Meeting in Hamburg

    The 2010 Regional Group Meeting in Münster

  • Scholarships

    In order to promote intercultural exchanges and empirical research at the MCM, Marketing Alumni Münster awards scholarships to students every semester.

    As MCM courses have an international bias, an outgoing scholarship for a semester abroad is awarded to a master's student at the MCM every semester. The grant is worth €500 and is intended to defray the costs of a stay abroad. Further information about applications and awards can be found in the  advertisement.

    Additonally, Marketing Alumni Münster e.V. awards an outgoing scholarship for double degree students each year. This grant is worth €1.000 and is granted to a student who is part of the double degree program with Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and therefore spends one year in the Netherlands. Further information about applications and awards can be found in the  advertisement.

    Every semester Marketing Alumni Münster awards grants to students who have submitted empirical bachelor's/master's thesis at the MCM. Each grantee receives €50. The purpose of the grants is to create incentives for the collection of data for thesis based on surveys. Further information about application prerequisites can be found here along with an application for a grant.

  • Student Events

    Events for student members are staged at irregular intervals. The purpose of these events is to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing insights into the practical realities of the business world, turning the spotlight upon different occupational fields and challenges, and helping students to enter the world of work.

    An expert talk by a company representative and a subsequent get-together may constitute the foundation stone on which your own career network will be built. In the course of your studies you can get to know firms which operate in different branches and work in different ways.

    The 2017 Student Event: Grill & Chill with SMP AG


    The 2016 Student Event: Grill & Chill with OC&C Strategy Consultants


    The 2015 Student Event: Grill & Chill with Tchibo

    The 2015 Student Event: Cooking with McKinsey Consultants

    The 2014 Student Event: Winter-Cooking with Peek & Cloppenburg Hamburg

    The 2014 Student Event: Grill & Chill with Tchibo

    The 2014 Student Event: Taste Oliver Wyman

    The 2013 Student Event: Grill & Chill with Dr. Oetker

    The 2012 Student Event: Grill & Chill with [buw]

    The 2011 Student Event: Grill & Chill with Peek & Cloppenburg Hamburg

  • The Henkel Thesis Award

    Henkel KGaA and Marketing Alumni Münster sponsor selected, highly qualified marketing students. Every year prizes are awarded to the authors of the best master's theses submitted at the Marketing Center Münster. The prizes are handed over at the annual symposium.

    The Winners of the 2017 Henkel Thesis Award

    The awards for the best master's theses submitted in the academic year 2016/2017 were presented at the Münster Marketing Symposium. The prize went to Madita Pesch, Julia Schopka and Evelyn Böpple. The donator of the prize wishes to reward outstanding academic achievements and establish closer links between theory and practice.

    Picture: Madita Pesch, Julia Schopka, Evelyn Böpple and Professor Manfred Krafft

    The Winners of the 2017 Henkel Thesis Award

    The awards for the best master's theses submitted in the academic year 2015/2016 were presented at the Münster Marketing Symposium. The prize went to Maria Kaschke, Ulf König and Fabian Kraut. Ms Gesa Geissel (Head of Digital Marketing Brands & Campaigns, Henkel AG & Co., KGaA) handed over the certificates and asked the award-winners about personal learning effects and possible connections between their dissertations and their current fields of activity.

    Next year the Henkel Thesis Award for the best MCM dissertation will be handed over for the tenth time. The donator of the prize wishes to reward outstanding academic achievements and establish closer links between theory and practice.

    Picture: Fabian Kraut, Gesa Geissel, Ulf König and Mirja Bues (in representing Maria Kaschke)

    The Winners of the 2015 Henkel Thesis Award

    On 6 November, at this year's Marketing Alumni Symposium, Susanne Klier (Marketing Director of Henkel Beauty Care Germany, Henkel AG & Co., KGaA) presented prizes, each worth €1,000, to Christin Becker, Sophia von Seelen and Hennig Ebke. The award-winners were the authors of the best dissertations.

    The Winners of the 2014 Henkel Thesis Award

    At the Marketing Alumni Symposium held on 7 November 2014, Thomas Geister (Corporate Vice President of Global Market Research & Global Media, Henkel AG & Co., KGaA) presented the Henkel Thesis Awards to Lisa Marie Grüger, Maria Friehoff and Stefan Benthaus

    The Winners of the 2013 Henkel Thesis Award

    Jens-Martin Schwärzler, the corporate senior vice-president of  Henkel Beauty Care, presented the Henkel Thesis Award to Maria Baixauli Rapsch, Maria Barisano and Nicole Hasse.

    The Winners of the 2012 Henkel Thesis Award

    Maria Magdalena Theisen, Thomas Schmitz, Tim Hempelmann and Benjamin Bieber (from left to right) won the Henkel Thesis Award for their master's theses. The prizes were presented by Mr Frank Tentrop (Director of Regional Management Accounting, Henkel AG & Co., KGaA). In addition to a certificate, each of the award-winners received a bunch of flowers, a Henkel gift bag and €1,000.

    The Winners of the 2011 Henkel Thesis Award

    At the twentieth Marketing Alumni Symposium Professor Hans-Willi Schroiff (Vice President of Market Research/Business Intelligence, Henkel KGaA) presented the Henkel Thesis Award for three outstanding dissertations/master's theses. This year the award, worth €1,000, was won by Julia Katharina Rathke, Silvia Zamorski and Soo-Hyeon Shin (from left to right).

    The Winner of the 2010 Henkel Thesis Award

    This year's Henkel Thesis Award went to Christina Lenze, Ole Bröker (in the centre of the photograph) and Max Brügemann, all of whom wrote very good dissertations.

  • Mentoring

    Marketing Alumni Münster aims at intensifying the contact and knowledge transfer between students and graduates in practice. Therefore, a mentoring program was initiated, which is addressed exclusively to our members.

    Based on a trustful relationship between mentee and mentor, the program aims at supporting motivated students in their personal development, career orientation and job entry in business and science. Experienced professionals and managers pass on their knowledge and experiences as mentors. They offer information on professional perspectives to the students, provide insights into working life and point out options for action. The mentors profit from this mutual exchange as well, as they can gain new impulses and suggestions for their own work through the contact with academic talents. A commitment paying off for both sides!

    Program overview

    Target group:

    • The program exclusively targets all student members of Marketing Alumni Münster, who are at least in their 2nd (Bachelor-)semester. The program runs for one year. During this year, the participants should be available for personal meetings.
    • Regarding mentors, we are looking for experienced alumni from business, science, federations and administration, who are interested in passing on their knowledge and experience to our students.

    Program course:

    • The tandem of mentor and mentee organizes its collaboration independently and actively. Mentor and mentee decide how and how often the professional and interdisciplinary exchange as well as joint meetings take place.
    • Program duration: one year
    • Marketing Alumni Münster takes care of the mediation of contacts. The organization of the mentoring relationship is the responsibility of mentor and mentee. Of course, Marketing Alumni Münster is available to answer any questions related to the program.
    • There will be an evaluation after completion of the program.


  • Publications

    In order to keep people informed of the activities of the club and the Marketing Center, we publish a considerable number of documents which are distributed to our members in the course of the year.
    The Marketing Center's newsletter, MCM News, goes down very well with our members and has now firmly established itself. It is sent out three times a year.
    Members can access the private and professional contact details of all the alumni in the member area of the club's website. This makes it much easier to keep in touch with other members.